Need Assessment Mental Health Sessions

    Why a Need Assessment?

    Organizational change has the potential to put pressure on everyone, from the CEO to the shop floor employee. Moreover, being an agent for change during a global transformation can bring additional challenges. Research shows that this can take a toll on mental health.

    hanza resources was invited to facilitate three online sessions on how to actively manage mental health levels while leading a global transformation.

    Given that individual team members may have different needs for the sessions, we would like to give you the opportunity to express your preferences - and of course any concerns - in advance, so that we can make most of the joint sessions.


    It would be great if you could answer the following 3 questions by May 20th 2024. Your participation in this survey is confidential. Your feedback will help us in our preparation and will not be discussed verbatim in the session.

    Thank you!

    3 things I would personally like for the sessions (e.g., topics I would like to discuss; questions I would like to ask; advice I would like to receive, etc.):

    3 things that would be good for us as a team (e.g., what would help us manage or reduce psychological stressors; what would further support psychological safety / fun / cohesion on a team level?):

    Are there any fears or concerns for the sessions (e.g., what should not happen in these sessions)?
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